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company Profile

ISHANT POLYCHEM is a part of B. M. Shah & Co. Group, and has inherited  65 years of history.

Our parent company, B. M. Shah & Co. was established in 1948 and is well-respected for its value oriented, diversified, market-driven portfolio of Specialty Chemicals as well as Electronics businesses.

ISHANT POLYCHEM is committed to delivering differentiated product portfolio based on innovation in response to changing market needs by leveraging technical expertise, cost advantage, market experience, customer collaboration and R&D.

By operating a multipurpose plant for the manufacture of our products, we have the capacity to manufacture tailor made products to suit customer requirements in varying output quantities. In addition, we also have the capacity to develop aligned products to suit the requirement of the customers.

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we manufacture and learn how to make more sustainable choices in our operations. This is not only good for the environment, but it can also lead to better operational efficiency, and lead other opportunities to make ecologically responsible business decisions. 

Reducing Paper Waste

Reducing Energy Consumption

Promoting Telecommuting

Choose Environmentally Friendly Packaging and Labeling

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