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At ISHANT POLYCHEM, we view ourselves as an extension of our contract partners’ manufacturing operations. We run our manufacturing lines with the same concern and regard as you would run your own. Due to our flexible approach and our commitment to honoring agreements, you can be assured that we have your best interests in mind at all times.

In addition to manufacturing services, we can provide lab reports, gas chromatography reports, GC & HPLC reports, Karl Fisher reports etc. as a part of the contract services. Management of end to end quality is another facet of our offerings.

Our team is dedicated to honoring on time production schedules. This approach along with flexible manufacturing equipment and processes provides almost limitless production capabilities.

We can undertake batch reactions from 1 to 5 tonnes of the total capacity of 15 tonnes per day. Our highly flexible stainless steel and glass lined vessels are all equipped with heating, cooling, circulation, agitation, Nutsche filtration, high vacuum, ejector and centrifuge. All equipment is flameproof, hence we can handle both aqueous and solvent based products. Further, ample additional space is available for expansion.

Our flexible and multipurpose equipment is designed for rapid deployment.

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